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"The body makes from the inside beautifully"

as the theme,

It is a personal training studio specialized for abdominal muscle group (core).

Lessons will be conducted in a small group of at home.

Instructor haruka who is experiencing the cheerness world championship is also an active "X league cheerleader".

Also teaching meals and mental aspects that you practice from everyday


The belongings are OK only with wear. Shower facilities & ample space to provide relaxing space.


Please enjoy yoga and pilates while being healed in a gentle space surrounded by the sun.

It is conveniently located in front of the station + Yoga mat free rental, I'd like to hesitate to drop in.



small studio, 6 lockers, 2shower rooms, recommended amenities ...



Small group of 3 to 7 people Yoga & Pilates lessons

Based on the theme of beauty from within, we will also support the enhancement of the mental aspect from the inside of the body as well as the body line.


I would like to provide a space that is beautiful both mentally and physically and can be energized by doing an approach that is tailored to the season and the person himself.

For people who are conscious of the relationship with individuals who can realize it because it is a small group and who are conscious of moving their bodies, those who feel comfortable with yoga until now are easy to incorporate as part of their lives We aim to work together to further strengthen by further strengthening strength and working on the core.

kids cheerdance

A class of kids cheerleading that can be accepted from 3 years old. Classes that can be learned through Cheer, such as compassion, gratitude, courtesy.

At first you will experience the pleasure of expressing freely according to music, the difficulty of matching dance, experiencing a sense of accomplishment when you can not do it.

Instructors will cooperate with children through what they learned in the American tournament and through experience of competition cheer and American football cheer.

In addition, the American football team IBM BIGBLUE will be appearing in the game half time.


personnel workout

It is nico style personal workout.

We will do workouts mainly for the core (abdominal muscles).

Those who wish to raise the metabolism, those who attend major training gym but do not feel effective, people who want to consult with meals etc., want to continue, those who want to continue ~, those who want to assign abdominal muscles

I will train in nico style according to each purpose.

Mama of a child tied together OK. You can come with children.

Please inquire details.

challenged cheer / para cheer

<Challenge cheer>

Experienced cheerleading instructors who have been trained on disabilities will provide careful guidance according to individual characteristics. For elementary school students to junior high school students who are interested in cheer.




<Para cheer>

This is a cheerleading team for people with physical disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical disabilities, and internal disabilities. (However, it is possible to participate even if there is a merger with learning disabilities.) Experienced cheerleading instructors who have been trained in disabilities will carefully guide you according to individual characteristics. From elementary school students to adults, all who are interested in cheer are eligible.

athlete training for kids

kids athlete -Kids athlete program-
An exercise program for children starting with infants. Create a body that can be freely controlled by running, throwing, jumping, balancing, etc.

Arranged training for the kids that the owner had done as american football player. Learn how to use the body.

This is an all-level class for those who want to run faster and fly higher, who usually live at home, and who play games.


Please invite your friends to apply. Applications for the following classes starting from October have started. (1) Enjoy class (for 3-5 years old), (2) Challenge class (for 5-6 year old), (3) Athlete class (for elementary school students)

we have 2 plans as below.

1. 「4kai plan」; It can be booked up to 4 times a month

  • yoga/pilates ; 10,800 yen (include tax)

  • personal workout ; 27,000yen (include tax)

2. 「kayoihoudai plan」; all you can booked any lesson

  • yoga/pilates ; 14,040 yen (include tax)

  • all(yoga,pilates,workout(up to 4)); 32,400yen (include tax)

You can book trial lessons at 1000 yen only once.

All lessons are covered, so please book your favorite lesson! Only belongings are wear. Yoga mats can be rented.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

3 min. walk from JR Sobu Line Funabashi Station / 5 min. Walk from Keisei Funabashi Station

【By walk】 JR Funabashi station North Exit, follow the Ito-Yokado bicycle park along the left side building and you will see the freshness bar on your left. Turn right in front of it and the second floor of the yellow building is nicofit.

Or, it will be in the direction of Amanuma Park, Funabashi Grand Hotel. If you go straight for about 100 meters between "Funabashi Grand Hotel" and "Chibagin" you will arrive at nicofit.

【By car】

There are many coin parking in the neighborhood. (There are about 30 units)

nicofit funabashi

Address: 7 - 12 - 8 Honcho Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture

Funabashi PURANO Building 2F


Contact us from here



We will deliver nicofit's daily life.
Information on workshop information, pilates, aroma, oil massage etc every day is also delivered.

#nicofit /#ニコフィット

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